Hyperpigmentation: Not a quick fix !


One of the questions that I get asked most frequently is, ” What can you do about my brown spots ?”

The answer is, “Plenty.” The only catch is that you have to be very patient. It will take a minimum of three months to see a dramatic difference.

Imagine that you’re peeling a potato. If your spud has a blemish, the trick is to remove layer after layer of potato flesh to get down passed the brown spot and into the unblemished layers. You could just gouge it out, But play along here… In hyperpigmentation correction, the potato is your skin and the peeler is enzymes and microdermabrasion.

Some causes of hyperpigmentation are inflammation, medications, hormonal imbalance and mostly, sun exposure. The dark places are spots where there is an increased density of melanocytes. When you come into the treatment room to begin hyperpigmentation correction, the treatment is multi-faceted and it requires major commitment.

The first and most important step of hyperpigmentation treatment, is home care. When my clients commit to their three month treatment plan, they receive products for an entire new skin care ritual. The key to success is the Advanced Rejuvinating Concepts Lighten Cleansing Bar. This product is a melano-suppressant . Which is exactly what it sounds like, a supressor of melanocytes. This product must be used for one week before any aggressive peels in order to prevent any post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. In addition to the bar, you will receive a Melanin Cleanser, a Retinoid product called Lighten More and a moisturizer.

The second step is to come in every 4 weeks for a chemical peel and to take pictures of your progress. I also offer my clients the option of a microdermabrasion in between peels to ward off dry skin.

Lastly, but also very important , is sunscreen.  We can not have you baking your newly exposed skin in UV rays ….. yikes! For this reason alone, I highly recommend waiting until after the Autumn Solstice (Sept. 22nd) to begin your hyperpigmentation correction.

The Hyperpigmentation products that I offer contain 2% Hydroquinone, Kojic Acid and Azelaic Acid. These three products are skin lighteners. So while we’re peeling away layers, these babies will be brightening you up !! The peel that is used in my lightening facial protocol is a 14% Jessner’s blend peel. It’s a 7-10 day mid depth peel and it’s kind of a big deal.

As I said, there is plenty that I can do for your dark spots. If you are ready to commit 3 months to your skin , give me a call to schedule a free consultation !


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