Finally. Finished.

I finally submitted my last paper of my Associate degree and I feel so good. I’ve been working at this thing for what feels like an eternity. I applied to Iowa State University so that I can start working my Bachelor. Honestly though, I don’t know if I’ll even want it after I start working on clients. Continuing education is very important. However, I need to decide if a few extra math and science classes are really important to the quality of treatments I give to my clients.  I really believe that I can find a product chemistry class or an acne class to take. Specific classes will benefit clients so much more.

It’s very important that I’m choosy about what classes I take and who puts them on. This industry is so hot right now that every Sally, Sue and Henrietta thinks that they can come out with a skincare line. They all think they have the proverbial “Fountain of Youth” in a little jar. In reality, everyone is working with much of the same ingredients. I’m also not going to pay a ridiculous amount of money for glittery packaging. That’s another blog post, so,  I digress…

I’m not the greatest student. I love learning, but I hate studying. I always have so many irons in the fire that I would rather be doing something other than reading my textbook (I did score a 100.8% as a my final grade in Philosophy, go figure). I am addicted to learning. I read constantly and I research obsessively. That way, when a client has a question, I can nerd all the way out and tell them everything they never wanted to know. Haha! As a side note, if that ever happens, just throw me a rope. I get a little too deep sometimes.

If y’all ever have questions about an ingredient or a product vs your skin type, slide into my DM’s or text messages. Better yet, schedule a complimentary consultation. I LOVE when clients visit to talk about what’s going on with their skin. I’m not a dermatologist. I can’t give you drugs. But, I do know skin science. We can look at what you’re using, what you’re eating and we can get you on the right products. We can get you on a monthly facial ritual and you WILL see improvement.

A journey to improved skin is the same as a fitness journey. It’s not going to happen over night. If you’re consistent and you follow the plan, you’ll be very pleased.


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