Arch Brow & Beauty, Glam Camper Edition!

I’m a Millennial and If you’re familiar with Iliza Schlesinger, I’m technically an elder Millennial.

I have pretty typical Millennial values. Down with the 1%, Up with the underdogs, up with working class America, up with small businesses, up with supporting local artisans, and up up up with the community spirit.

As you guys know, I’ve been having a pretty rough time with the space that I’m renting to use as my studio. It has flooded 6 times since May. After finally being brought to the end of my rope, I broke my lease. I lined up the only other available space in Adel. It came in HOT at $950 a month. With electricity, it would be over $1000 a month right off the top of the money that was brought in for the month. That doesn’t include any supplies or paying my part time receptionist, so that I can actually run a business. I would clearly just be breaking even every month. What person wants to work 10 hour days and never have anything to contribute to their household? No one, that’s who.

I had the craziest idea this past week. I asked Jason on Friday, I said ” Hey, what if we buy a vintage camper for cheap and fix it up SUPER cute. We can glam it all out and I can work out of that!” We stewed on it for about 2 days, then enter vintage camper. We ended up finding a 21′ Wilderness bumper pull circa 1978.

Now, it’s nothing to write your mama about, but it has everything the state board requires me to have for a salon license. A reception area, check! A restroom, check ! Drinkable water and a hand washing sink, double check! The great state of Iowa does not allow off site cosmetology services, so this baby will be stationary at my location while services are being performed.  But look out Sweet Corn parade 2020, because the Glam Camper is coming for you!!

We have no idea when it’s going to be finished, we’re not even close. We have been working feverishly, though. I’ve been a Pinterest maniac and I’ve been using my “phone a friend” privileges all over the place. Jason and I have spent every evening since we brought her home pulling out PLENTY of wood paneling, a sink, a stove, a toilet and soon, a mini-fridge. We’ve only been able to salvage one bad ass wooden shelf and the original hand towel rack, which is better than nothing. We’ll attempt to sell every usable part and burn the scrap wood for s’mores. 🙂

The outside is going to be pinked up and the inside is going to be magnificent. I am so excited for this you guys! I cannot wait to be working out of my very own pretty pod. My own little piece of the American dream. After it’s finished and working, I’ll be writing to my congressman and lobbying to change the no mobile salon service rule, because next stop, Hinterland !


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