Skin Care


Week Two

Whew ! What a whirlwind of emotion, ideas, color swatches, paint cans, Hobby Lobby, second-hand furniture and dollar signs. Haha !

This is the second week that I have had my skin care studio opened and it has been great. The support that I have gotten from the ladies that I work with is immeasurable. They’re always there to offer their brows during down time or their hand during move in. I can’t thank them enough for their kind words and their shameless promoting of my business. I’ll need to send them Christmas cards, for sure!

I have learned a few things during these first two weeks.

One: It’s too easy to find something else to do and leave the salon during business hours when I’m slow. Rule number one is to be present and it’s a struggle. When it’s quiet, I’m mentally nudged by the grocery shopping, the lint speckled rugs needing to be vacuumed, the laundry to be folded and mainly, the margaritas with my friends for lunch and the empty pool chair with my name on it.  I stay though. Mostly…

Two: Salons are noisy places. It’s a challenge to find the right amount of box fan combined with the right kind of spa music to drown out the noises. I’m also going to make a “Facial in Session” sign. That should help…eh… to be continued.

Finally: My reputation is important to me. I find myself wanting to text message clients after they leave, I want to give them samples and research ways to help their skin conditions. At 34, I finally realized that I have the experience AND the right attitude to build my reputation.

It’s a wonderful feeling.



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